Vacations with the Kids!

Vacations with the Kids! -

So Many Things to Consider!

For the past good while, there has not been a whole lot of decisions to make when it came to our family vacations. Family get-together vacations already had location and activities pretty much decided. Week-long camping turned out fairly easy to arrange. Our planning for our trip to Hawaii with our two kids is turning out to be a huge project!

We first thought we would just go to Maui. But then there were all these wonderful things on other islands, especially on the Big Island. So, we thought we would go to the Big Island. As I explored things more, I discovered that the Big Island has amazing prices on home and condo rentals in addition to the various activities, but I really wanted to experience the gorgeous Maui beaches again. But Kauai looked good, too. See where I’m going with this? Round and round and round.

My husband’s brother’s family (with kids aged 9, 11 and almost 13) is trying to see if they can join us which does, in some respects, make things more complicated as we try to find a place that can accommodate 9 people comfortably. At the same time, we don’t know for sure that they will be joining us just yet.

In any case, I see a lot of research in my future and will be sharing it here. Ways to find accommodations, activities to consider, cost comparison between islands, travel between islands, things like that. Oh, and car rentals. I think we’ve rented a car once before, that’s it, and it was some years ago in Minnesota. As I found what looked to be some amazing deals in Hawaii for car rentals, I ended up discovering that after they add on all kinds of fees, what looks like it will be $150 for the week turns out to be $230!

So, come back to see what I find and know I won’t only be posting about Hawaii over the next while!

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